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We provide the following services for you:

-Finding the perfect puppy for you
-Basic obedience
-Advanced obedience
-Trick training
-Behavior modification
-Home style boarding
-Trainer Certifications
-SERVICE TASKS We have more experience working with service dogs then ANYONE else in this area!
Does your dog bark at anyone who enters your house?

Do you get more of a work-out on a walk than your dog does?

Are your dog's manners not what you would like?

Are you worried about the techniques that some trainers use?

Unleashed Dog Training will offer the most suitable approach to each individual dog and owner's situation. From choosing the best breed for your family to advanced trick training, we will be with you every step of the way.
We are the best trainers in the state to deal with your aggressive dog! We can eliminate nipping, mouthing, dog aggression, food aggression, and male aggression. If you have any issues contact us!

Our professionals have the experience and the certifications to assist you in any goal you have with your K-9 companion.